Gummy Vitamins

My junk food candy vice is the haribou brand coca-cola gummies. I can feel my teeth screaming as I eat them, but that usually doesn’t stop me. They are just too delicious. Which got me thinking about gelatin. I’ve read a lot on how beneficial bone broths and gelatin can be for digestive issues, skin and bone health, immune strength, and general well being in books like Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon and from a bunch of internet resources, like Wellness Mama. I try to make and eat it often, heavy with lots of herbs like reishi mushrooms and ginger, especially in the winter months. Which made me wonder, does all the sugar in the gummies offset the benefits of the gelatin? Yep. And who knows what kind of sources they use for their gelatin. So I decided to make my own gummy vitamin candies. After reading several recipes online, I made my own and played around with some flavors.

The basic recipe I used is 1 part gelatin to 3 parts juice.
To fill two trays of candy molds, I used 1/2 a cup of juice, and about 1/6 a cup grass fed gelatin.


To make your own, you’ll need:
Grass Fed Gelatin (I use this brand)
Juice – for this recipe I used R.W. Knudsen lemon ginger echinacea and cranberry concentrate. Fresh juice is preferable, though.
And then, to taste:
Local Honey
Lemon Extract
Emergen-C packets – I used tangerine and lemon-lime. You can add other supplements, like probiotics, magnesium, etc, but I chose emergen-c because it kinda has a jello like flavor and each packet has a ton of vitamins like vitamin c, thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, b12, calcium, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, etc.

1. On low heat, add juice, lemon extract, honey, and emergen-c packets to a sauce pan. I found that I liked the sour flavors more, and the lemon extract helped enhance the flavor.
2. Whisk until blended completely. Then add gelatin, whisking until completely dissolved.
3. Remove from heat and pour into candy molds.
4. Put in the freezer for about 10 minutes to speed up the hardening process. They’ll stay firm at room temperature afterwards.
5. I think these last for about 2 weeks refrigerated, but I usually eat them all before then.


My favorite flavor combination was 1/2 cup lemon ginger echinacea with 1/6 cup cranberry concentrate, lemon-lime emergen-c, and a splash of lemon extract. My partner liked the lemon ginger echinacea with tangerine emergen-c and a little more honey. Next time I make them, I’m planning to juice a bunch of ginger and use elderberry syrup and cayenne. The great thing about this recipe is its flexibility with flavor.
Hmm, and if anyone has the secret coca cola recipe on hand, maybe i could give those coke gummies a shot…